Thursday, November 30, 2006

Home Income Portal

NEW PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY takes the GUESSWORK OUT OF ONLINE BUSINESS SUCCESS. With 100% Profit Paid Directly to you, The Home Income Portal take the Guesswork out of online Business Financial Success.

In the last 15 months, our Franchise Website Owners sold in excess of 23 Million plus Traffic Magnet Soload Subscriptions. All subscriptions are paid directly to The Home Income Portal Owner by their customers, and they take home 100% profit.
Nothing on the internet can compare to The Home Income Portal. You get a subscriber once, and earn again and again every 12 weeks.
Nothing else to worry about, because we take care of it all on your behalf.

Traffic Magnet subscribers win because their message always go out to fresh, new customers every day since Franchise Owners are paid to bring them in 24/7 all year round.


We Support your Franchise Website and build your Franchise Website with Permanent Customers in Your Personal Bonus Area Worldwide. Every bonus area member is assigned to a Franchise Owner permanently, and every dollar is paid to the Franchise Owner. We support our Franchise Owner with a Multi million dollar Support system, and continue week after week with over 50,000 dollars weekly with technical support, hardware and bandwidth. As a Home Income Portal Owner, you concentrate on building your income from a market that exceeds 1 billion eager buyers of your product and services.
This is the most awesome, income building strategy of all times. It can never, never get any better that this anywhere. Regular affiliate programs pay you just once for every sale you make, so to keep making money you have to keep selling products. But…
Would it Be Great if Every Sale You Made Kept Paying You Month After Month After Month? And that is exactly what we do with a Home Income Portal. It is all about building an Empire of Recurring Income. Recurring Income programs are great because not only do you NOT need your own product or service, but you don’t even need to keep promoting them every single month just to keep the money coming.

Zap Financial Energy into your Income Business Building Adventure, Easier than a Job, More Powerful than eMAIL BLASTING, Faster than Direct Selling. We do All The Hard Work, Take the guess work out of Building a Business and Put you in The Driver Seat of your online Business Fast.


Martha said...

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livelifewell said...

Looking for a online business that will take care of all your needs? The Home Income Portal is a mega business portal which will allow you to utilize Clickbank, Commission Junction, Paypal, AlertPay, Digital River, and a multitude of other income producing programs. Don't be caught trying to promote every program under the sun when you can have it all here. Just go to "". Check it out. You won't be sorry. Thanks for looking.

svisw1 said...

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Richard W. said...

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Angela Bailey Estep said...


Just out and about tonight, checking out other people's blogs and articles on their website. I seem to have a bit of writer's block for the past week, so really trying to get my mind running with new ideas. Really like your website, found lots of interesting info. Keep up the good work!!

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Will soon be back to visit again.

All the best....


P.S. Feel free to comment on my blog page and leave a link to your main website.

mary H said...

does this HIP mean they sell aproduct for you or you already have to have something going

Jim said...


I will try and clarify for Mary H and others some of the benefits of owning a Home Income Portal.

This Product Page is Launched and Marketed by The Home Income Portal Global Strategic Marketing Team for this Franchise Owner . When you buy this product, you pay The Franchise Owner Directly.

The Home Income Portal Franchise is the only Business that supports you directly by having a Team develop and build your Marketing Infrastructure for you to compete on the internet successfully.

Look through this Blog, and then imagine there are more than 3 million blogs like this one, on 91 domains to build and generate sales for The Franchise Owner.

If you become an owner, then The Franchise Owner earns 12.00 every month you are active. Then when someone purchases from your website, which is provided for you, You will make the monthly $12.00

That is just part of the sales. You will also be showing products. Place as many Amazon products as you wish, on your site.

Sales will also be coming from Google Adsense products, Ebay, Linkshare, Clickbank and numerous niche products.

I hope this helps: With warm regards.

Blog and Home Income Portal Franchise Owner

PS:The Marketing Team also places many,many links with the search engines pointing directly to you.

Lynnkit said...

I'm so excited. I just got started with the Home Income Portal opportunity. I am amazed and truly feel blessed to have found this. I thank the Lord every day for my automated online business.

Thanks Home Income Portal for all you do!!This is truly AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!!!
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rqcook said...


I have read much of what the folks at Home Income Portal - as an investment group have to offer.

It has been some 60 months for me ... as they experiment with this and that to "bring alive" my site.

My site sets dead.

Not 1 sale of anything - ever in 60months time.

The only sales that were given credit to me - were products that I bought myself - to prove that the system was setup properly to give me credit for the transactions.

Not Amazon, Not PageSwirl, Not CCbill, Not Clickbank, Not WebDawg or any other link that they have established.

" All with a team of people working desperately to make it happen." Why - there has been somewhere between $50,000 and $200,000 spent just on me, my family and the website that is created for me to "win" and "have a solid financial future - for years to come."

And I stay on the hook - afraid to give up - because "some day -
Any day - it may happen."

After 60 months of HIP practicing how to get it right ... there are 57 pages found world wide with my website - 57 out of hundreds of billions of pages.

Most of them links pages.
The 106 Websites that is promoted on the front template - index page - As they have the same id in their URL string - Most are invisible. Google & Yahoo ----can not find them.


I choose monthly to either pay more on my shop heat bill - so I can make it through the winter without becoming sick from the cold and outside winter work that I do every day -

or to pay the gamble that HIP will come alive - someday.
2 years ago - the email that came to us - so told us to expect Million Dollar Christmas seasons.
That we were to expect great things to happen.
They have said that they will make all present portal owners' sites productive - at whatever costs to themselves.

They say - that after all this work is done ... and they have their Stock Offering and go world wide - that they will NOT do all the work to build sites for anyone else ... Everyone else that comes after - is on their own to either sink or swim.

(Remembering that NO Portal Owner can change their own site - It is all managed by HIP.)

To use their words:
It will "Never come again".

All the new people coming in ... after that - are on their own.

Win, Loose or Draw.
There is NO mind map to really know what may work, what will work or what to do that even will create a $100 a month income for you as the Portal Owner.

You could make a lot of money.
You could waste a lot of time, money and personal energy producing nothing but receipts for the site creation and the webhosting.

A Mangeria' of great intentions.

60 months of receipts
amounting to 60 months of hosting
charges for no benefit to anyone - except the folks who do the business as HomeIncomePortal.

How could anyone start today
and have what the portal is today
have an income produced from it?

Please tell me.
I would be glad to know.
I would be more than glad to
give a glowing report of having
made a gazillion sales - and actually be able to live the rest of my life - living - instead of struggling through.

Rowan Cook
304 683-5298

Jack Da Bear said...

1 November 2008

Was it 2 or 3 years ago ...
After having No sales of any kind,
I had resolved to quit this empty non producing website.

I received email message after email message telling me that HIP was going to make every member who's site was not productive - produce. I believe that was in 2005.

I joined again.

There have been zero sales for this year. Nothing.
And No matter how "pretty" or "dressed to convert" designed the latest model of the website has beoome - there is nothing that comes from it.

Just what do the people at HIP intend to "teach" for free to the world as they offer their Global offering ... "How to loose massive amounts of money, time and personal energy" ???

That is the end result that new - novice users of the HIP site will do - simply waste their time and money - naievely believing that if one does have 106 website up - that this actually means something to anyone else.

106 sites out of hundreds of billions of sites - still is 106.

How can any new person who has never even seen HIP before - actually produce a single sale?

HIP themselves can not produce a single sale on my behalf.
Not in 60 months.


What real future is there?

Please tell me, I would like to know.

Rowan Cook

304 683-5298

Jack Da Bear said...

1 November 2008,

I jsut performed a Google Search
of my HomeIncomePortal website -

What was found was -
51 references in Google.

of those 51 -

There are actually 2 of the sites that actually have the url of my index page.

So it is - that

is just as lost in the mire of internet pages as it ever was - from the beginning of 60 months of efforts from the HIP team.

In the simpliest of words - the team is NOT focusing on those portals who produce nothing.

They are focusing on the front page platform - of how it looks to people who have never seen it before.

They are not really working on the protals tha are invisible - NO matter how they reply to email support requests - or their monthly "critical notifications" that essentially are meaningless.

They themselves are lost in the quagmire of doing "pretty boy work - making glamours with lipstick and promises" to sucker in more willing vicitms.

How many of you want to bet that in 2 more years - I'll have 24 more receipts for webhosting that amounts to nothing for my family. ????

But - I'll have been part of the HomeIncomePortal Opporotunity.

Did I tell you that these guys - 3 years ago - so said that there were less than 100 websites that were not producing?

And that they so claimed that they were going to move heaven and earth to make it happen?

What if I had 5 sites?
100 sites?

What real reasons would they give for not really doing what they purport that they are doing?

Is 2 sites out of their 106 - found it Google - really the sum total measurement of their ability and success after 60 months of "moving heaven and earth to make it happen for me?

If you are among the billions and billions of webpages that are growing astronomically every day ...

How in the world does anyone really expect anything - any real buying traffic to ever show up at one of the HIP sites?

This whole thing is unbelievable to me.

Does Anyone else have problems -

Anyone else sick of buying a glorified e-scheme?

What are the new customers of HIP going to do - Do those people really expect to begin making money - sales - ?????

Isn't that the real focus of HIP - to make a scheme where more people buy more products that produce more nothing to the people who buy them?

In the hopes of finding more willing victims of people who will buy more that do little than entrap more people to buy more products to sell more.

For what ever reasons,
HIP has not been capable of ever making the first sale on my behalf.

Beleive it.
Cause I am sick of ever hearing about them - with their monthly critical notifications that only mean ...

They are only making noise about going to the moon.

The rest of the world is busy watching those people who have been there and have brought back the moon rocks to tell the world about.

What real reasons do they have ?
My guess is >>>

This is how they stir the water ... throwing tidbits of scraps out into the pond - watching the hungry fish - pounce on it - like it was to be their last meal - preying on the desire of people to actually have an internet income - wanting the pack to increase in size ... and to waste their money on software and programs that are only things sold. - Not products that produce any real results.

"See all the sales - proofs"
From all the other guru's sites.

The "proofs" are tens of millions of people who buy into the ides that what they are buying will also help themselves to find more willing victims - like themselves
who gave up their money for a dream of internet wealth.

Rowan Cook
304 683-5298

Rowan said...
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Rowan said...
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Jack Da Bear said...

8 November 2008
Here is a copy of the latest email message to me.

For those people who perhaps have never seen an email from HIP admin.

To : RowCoo829

From : The Global Stratagy Team

Email :
Userid : rowcoo829

Dear Rowcoo829,
Anytime, you will see your portal
establish itself firmly on
the online business mainstream.

This email is delivered to Rowcoo829 - a Home Income Portal Franchise Owner.

Your email address is not given or sold to
any Third Parties.

If you receive multiple emails you may have more
than one Home Income Portal Account.

Owner Subscription Link

The Sticky Viral Home Income Portal

The next phase of building your Home Income Portal
into a sticky and viral website that will build
your subscriptions and sales steadily
is now implemented.

Take a look here

We are now transforming your Home Income Portal
into a user content social Website,
where your visitors will use it for Self Help audio

Here, your users are motivated to return to your
website to practice Wealth and Financial Techniques.
It covers the full spectrum of the self help
community, ranging in the 100 Million
Practitioners and users Worldwide.

Currently, as we build your Organic Traffic Through
visibility, we must also implement a component
that will motivate them to use the website regularly.

This is the platform that will build your subscription
through repetition and loyal users of your

Installing Self Help Modules

These self help modules will
be implemented on all your Passive
income websites.

Therefore, if 1 of your Portals attract 1,000
users, for all 106 Portals, this can provide you
with 106,ooo users, a following to
generate consistent subscriptions,
sales and income.

We are moving to build your infrastructure,
so that you will have a lifelong stable income.

Retail Launch.

This Home Income Portal Infrastructure
is now the basis for the Retail Opweration, so that
all walk in Subscriptions
for New Home Income Portals will
subscribe through YOU.

Transformation Of Portals Into
A Full Service User E-Mag

Over the next few weeks, you
will see that all your Home Income Portals
will be transformed into a Sticky, Very Sticky Viral
E-Magazine, to build
a Social Community Of Users that will
use Your Portals Regularly and create conversion opportunity.

The key here is getting your Portals visible,
then achieve all 106 Streams of Growing Organic Traffic
and Hold this traffic for conversion.
This is the classic market infrastructure
used by Fortune 500 Companies,
and we are doing this for you.

Video Informercials added for sale

We have added 10 more clickbank video
informercials this week, both on your Home Page
and your 106 Passive Income Websites.

The infomercials also are installed here

We have included The Full Control
Panel for all informercials on all 106 Portals
and your Home Page.

This simply means that conversion for
Clickbank Sales will explode
as Your Portal become more and more Visible
attracting Greater Organic Traffic.

The Home Income Portal is The
only online Business that develops these Sales Mediums
to build your Income From Home.

Each of your 106 Portals, is an
independent Income Website
that is crawling its way to the Top
to explode your Income.

The Home Income Portal is the only
online Business that continues to build your
market infrastructure day after day
to achieve Financial Success For You.

This is the Basic Financial and Franchise Structure
that we are using to develop the Retail Franchise where your
Home Income Portal is the doorway to
achieve online business Financial Success.

Currently, we are working on a Full video Infomercial for
The Home Income Portal, that will have Full Shots of our
Flagship Retail Outlet, classrooms, and Teaching Areas.

Home Page and Passive Income Website Landing Pages.

Your Home Page,

is now renovated to reflect both depth and user friendly
content, to include Horoscope, Jobs, Movie and
Restaurant Listings.

We will also add the full US Government Listings
as reflected After The US elections
2 weeks from Today.

As all your Portals get renovated, they will
all be reconstructed with that content.

This strategy is now in place to develop
both a user community and to add more
content related infrastructure for back links
and a broader insertion of each of your 106 Passive Income Portals
to build organic traffic for you.

We are very serious about exploding your
Portals Sales and Income.

We are now in position to build Home Income Portal
New recurring Subscriptions From Your
Portals independently,
through walk in retail traffic.

Your Portals will be the Base that we are using
to Grow all New Subscriptions.

This will Provide you With a growing accumulation
of New Recurring Subscriptions.

This is the focus to grow your base income.

Starting This week, All Hot Zone areas will
be Beamed on 3 Million Pages Across The Internet.
We are very serious about growing
every income stream, that is
hosted live and selling across the internet
for you.

Multi Income Stream Website Mega Campaign

We have developed a Phenomenal Breakthrough
Technology, in which your 12 LIVE HOT ZONE
ads can now be beamed across the intenet
on 3 Million Websites, Live 24 hours a day.

We are now in the process of installing
your 12 Hot Zone Ads to go Live on
3 Million Websites while the Strategy
Team deploy these Hot Zone ads Live for you.

This will energize the selling stream,
as your 15 Multi Stream Income is continuously
beamed Live to attract customers for your
Home Income Portal Websites.

Home Income Portal Transformation

We are now transforming your Home Income Portal
Website into a User Oriented Website.
The purpose is simple, to develop more
customers returning to your website or
to stay longer.

We therefore added to your Home Page

3 User Friendly Additions,

1. - Cinema & Movie Reviews with a Database that
provides both cinema locations and movie reviews

2.- Restaurant Location and Real Reviews.

3 - Daily Horoscope.

We will add a database of all US Senators & Congress
bio and Location plus email.

As we add more user friendly content,
we are making the move for your visitors
to stay longer, return and buy from you.

Retail Outlet

We are now completing the Retail Outlet
launch, and the above enhancements are implemented
to set your Home Income Portal
as The Dynamic Base for Walk In subscription
from Retail Classess.

We are on the Move to explode your
Sales and Income

The Passive Income Website Installation

Passive Income Website Installation
is now fully implemented and installed and
Hot Zone Beaming from our Marketing & Promotion
Teams are now Fully Functional.

You now have a Full Team working in shifts
that are engaged selling full time on
all your 106 Passive Income Portals
across the Internet to build your Sales and
Generate income from
all your Websites to its fullest potential.

Like all Business,online or offline,
it takes time for all
our tactics to take hold, to achieve the
fullest strategy of developing
your Portals Income Potential.

Creating Full Passive Income Sitemaps
by Domain.

Each of your 106 Portal Websites must have
sitemaps created for the Search Engines.During this
process we must cross index each of your
Portal to each other to maximize The crawl of
Search Engine Spiders.

Your Sitemaps are now being
submitted to Search Engines and Directories Worldwide.

This is an imperfect Process, and we must back check each
of of these submissions to ensure your
Portals are crawled or accepted
by these Search Engines and Directories.

It is a Long, expensive and time consuming Procedure,
and is not a Magic Bullet. online Business everywhere
have fulltime staff and experts to do this for them.

So do You (have an expert team),
yet its the only way to achieve long term
organic traffic and stable sales.

We are now getting ready to explode our retail
strategies, and we have now acquired a 5 Level Building,
with all Renovation Plans Approved.

We are moving fast to develop the Full Worldwide
Infrastructure of Home Income Portals, and we are
now finalizing your Portals as established Profit

Since the new Prices are being changed worldwide,
we will also restructure your Affiliate Commissions
to build your income faster.

Look for your Home Website changing on the fly,
as we restructure you for the fullest profitability
as new Home Income Portal Owners subscribe through our
retail launch.

From Don Artliss

Thank You for creating my online business.
Its it mind blowing to have over 106 Websites live
and selling fulltime for me.

Day after day, I am making money, and
I have a sheet for each day that I write
down how much I make
by Income Source.

I am able to get back every penny I spent in 4 days,
and now I am in profit. Since I earn an income
every day. I am excited that as it grows, I am able
to pay off all my debt.

I am no longer stressed about my job,
and I am not insecure anymore.

This journey was worth it


The Hot Zone Magic Explosion

We are in the process of Transforming Each of
Your 106 Passive Income Portals into Fully Unique
Landing Pages.

Each of your 106 Home Income Satellite Portals
are Hosted Live, across The Internet, that is constantly
changing and self updating attracting Passive Income
on a set and forget basis.

The 12 Hot Zones acts like a magnet to drill down
into the Market Place selling all Multiple
Income Streams Directly.

There are now 40 Clickbank Videos infomercials rotating on 106 of Your
Portals across The Internet, to build your clickbank Income.
At the same time, They are featured as part of your Home Page.

Every Month we will add a minimum of 10 more video infomercials.


You can also promote these pages yourself individually
to boost your clickbank income directly.

Be absolutely certain that Organic Traffic will go to
these websites and buy from you.

Sitemaps and Indexing

We are currently Submitting Your Sitemaps,
and building your Passive Income Websites For
Full Indexing as Landing Pages.

As Pages are Indexed, we then Backlink each of them
to Gain Ranking and Visibility For Your Portals.

We are Building Your Passive Income Websites
from the Ground Up to create a successful online
business for you.

Real online Business

We are building Your online business
for you from the ground up. It is the only
method to develop it into Full Financial Success.

WE will continue to grow your
online website business to culminate into
Full visibility. No other company
will ever do this For You

We are doing this, because we are
committed to your success.

If you were to do this yourself
it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

This work is Live, consistent and focused to your
success. Its not a matter of IF,
but when.

Growing Portal Sales and Income Generation

There are 14 Basic Income Streams Selling 325,000
Unique Products and Services throughout your Home Income Portal
earning Direct Sales, Recurring Income Subscriptions
and Affiliate Income.

The above Products are distributed through your Home Income Portal
and its 120 Associated Home Income Portal
Websites linked through your Home Income Portal.

This also includes your clickbank mall.

Combined with this is your 106 Satellite Home Income Portal
on 106 Domains Across The Internet.

This is Gigantic, and if even 1 Of these Websites become
fully Visible, your income
WILL explode, with a base of 280 Fully Developed Websites,
its only a Matter of Getting Visible.

Nowhere on the internet, will you
have such phenomenal resources to build your online business.

We install them all,
Create Sitemaps for each
Submit each For Indexing to Search Engines, that is
280 Independent Submissions to 200 of
the Most Popular Search Engines.

That is, 56,000 submissions on your behalf.
In every Affiliate Program anywhere else,
you would have to do it Yourself.

At a minmum cost of 9.95 each, we are investing
the submissions of your Sitemaps will cost out of pocket
in excess of 50,000 US Dollars.

Simultaneously, we backlink manually
each of your Portals to more that 500 Other Websites
to get them VISIBLE through - higher rankings.

For your Portals, that is 140,000 links all done manually.

The Home Income Portal therefore
does exactly what you have to do,
if you went in an online business yourself.

At anytime during the above buildup, your
portals will get visible and start generating income.

This does not include server cost, bandwidth, maintenance
and customer service.

We are moving Heaven and Earth to
compete on your behalf and make sure you have a successful
online business for a very long time.

The above does not depend on PPC,
that the minute you stop paying
hundreds of thousands of dollars every
week, sales also stop.

We build your online business for permanent
strength and stability.

Therefore, we have now changed our prices
to fully reflect the reality.

Since we have reports of growing sales, you must check all your
income sources to take advantage of your growth.

You are looking at 15 Income Streams Generated through
280 Fully Developed Websites,
In other Words - It will simply
Explode for you.

Its all a matter of getting all your Portals Visible.

Please copy and paste below to
look at your Income Streams ...

For Traffic Magnet, Banner Fiesta, Product Sales
please check your Payment Provider Accounts

Paypal, Alertpay,Safepay

since these products and services belong to you
and all your customers pay you directly.

Please check these Affiliate Members Area For Your Income



Both Advertiser,Publisher and Referral Stats
for your income.





These Income Streams pay you directly.

Please Check These Income streams for Income



you must request your income from these companies.

Home Income Portal Affiliate Recurring income,
ccbill pays you directly.

CCBILL Affiliate area

These companies pay you Directly by Check

Commission Junction


Please be advised, the Price Changes and setup costs
being charged for Passive Income Websites are
now in effect
and Pages are being changed as we speak.

Those that are locked in, will have their
subscription maintained forever, while
all new subscriptions will have
to pay the setup cost plus the new
subscription prices.

Retail Home Income Portals

We are going Live with the First Flagship
and purchased an Office Building that is being renovated to
usher in The First Full Retail
Home Income Portal.

Here we will retail walk in Traffic to get
New Home Income Portals
from YOU.

Urgent Profile Update

We are updating all 106 Passive Income Websites
and we require that you check your profile information
so that your passive websites are selling
full time for you.

Please Login to your Owners Lounge and
carefully check your profile.
This is very important for customers
to buy directly from you.

Hot Zone Frenzy

The direct Sales Copy is going into
a Full Time Selling Freanzy. This week,
we had a Subscription rate
of 420,000 new subscribers for Traffic Magnet,
and 123,560 New Subscriptions for Banner Fiesta.

This translates into Franchise Owners are earning
over 5 million dollars every 12 weeks DIRECTly from
this one service Traffic Magnet, and over 1.7 million
dollars every month from Banner Fiesta.

As Portals get visible through our submission
of sitemaps ( we are now submitting to
923,860 Search Engines, directories,
blogs,classifieds etc ..)
and getting indexed, the Sales are soaring.

There is no magic, no magic bullet, its simply
hard grunt work to
build your sitemaps, manually
submit them for indexing and
backlink them to achieve higher ranking and visibility.

The sales and subscriptions
have flooded our network,
creating lineups, waiting lists and
bogged them down.

Servers had to be upgraded on the fly,
and we are now slaving servers to handle the load.

Good News

We have now contracted to setup our first countrywide
datacenter and finalizing the renovations
to create the first full time Home Income Portal
Data Center to interconnect the Retail Outlet.

Once this is done, the data center will go full retail, signingup
new Walk In Franchise Owners FROM YOU.

This is a 1500 sq ft upper deck with 5 classrooms that
offers free internet marketing, and all students will have
a temporary account, and they can upgrade anytime
to a Home Income Portal, subscribing from you.

We are now getting closer to fully realizing
our corportate strategy, and you will
be fully in the loop to
gain these sales.

From Doris Creasy

Thank You Very,very much ...

I was really in doubt that I would
ever see this Home Income Portal get profitable.

I was just stubborn to keep going with my
portal, but after you started with the Passive Income Websites,
I had some Hope.

But, I never made a dime, and it cost me dearly
after all these months. Then a miracle Happened ..

Every single Income Stream started showing sales.
In 3 days, I got back every penney I spent on
my Home Income Portal subscription.

Then Sales were growing everywhere, this is
the First Time I was able to bank over 5,000
just in 1 week.

Its now 2 months, and every day I am getting sales,
and I am banking every day. I finally retired my
1998 car to a 2008 Ford Escape. It is wonderful that
I can have a better Life.

I now have hope, and I thank Doug
for all your urging and the patience he had to keep
me going


It is very true, The Organic Traffic will
drive your Portal
into Skyrocketing Sales for a very long time.

This is the reason we are laying down
super infrastructure,
so you will be very strong as we go Retail.

Alert Pay - Action Required

We have completed the Advanced Interface For The
Alertpay Buttons on your Portals.

Please login to the Owners Lounge and replace
the product id with your
Alertpay email address.

Hot Zones - Direct Sales Copy
The Hot Zones are now Installed on all your
106 Monetized Passive Income Websites.

This way - Your Marketing Team can directly
beam full sales copy to every one of your
106 Passive Websites to develop your
Multi Stream Income Base.

Each Time you Refresh Each of your 106 Passive Income Websites
you will experience 12 Hot Zone Areas of new sales copy to
develop your Sales and income across the internet.

As we develop your online Business
infrastructure, your online business is developed
for you to maximize your earning power, while
creating a permanent income source through streams
of organic traffic from search engines, directories, and
authority sites.

We are responding Directly to Support you
through the demands of the changing Marketplace
by Fortune 500 Companies.

Therefore, we have now created sitemaps for all 106 Sitemaps, and
submitted them to Search Engines for indexing.

Immediately we will backlink your 106 Website Income Portals
manually to build your rankings and get your Portal VISIBLE.

This is the challenge, Once all your Portals are
visible- you will start generating sales and income, and
since you are more established it will only grow and strenghthen until
your online business is a strong passive income backbone
for the rest of your life.

This is a business, and the job of building it online
to develop a secure and growing income is what we are now doing for you.

No one in the internet will ever do this for you,
but since you form the Backbone of our Infrastructure for our
Retail Outlets, you are the base from which all
franchise owners will build and grow.

In our experience, once the online business gets visible
most owners recoup all their subscriptions in the first week.
Then everything else is Profit from there on ...

Its not easy to build a successful business,
but with the support of all the resources,
Your online business will prevail.

As you can see, we are fully committed to
your financial success.
Full on-line Mega, Mega Strategies and Tactics

We are now exploding everyone of your
Passive Monetized Websites
with state of The Art Technology, that will
now constantly add new Portals and
expanding your reach creating Dynamic Content Pages on
every of your (106) Domains using a special drip Technology
to grow your Organic Traffic.

No matter how Chronic, No matter how Resistant,
We are going to blow your Portals into
Full Visibility across the Internet.

Every Portal, Every Website is now Actively and Aggressively
selling all your income streams simultaneously.
Within this week, Teams of Marketing Experts will
be working in Shifts to explode every income stream
you have to achieve sales and income for you.

Every day, new income sales copy will be streamed Live,
on all your growing passive income websites, bombarding
every corner of the internet with streams of Powerful Sales copy.

Simply click on Your Portals,
and you will see constant changing copy on all Hot Zones.

Every New Sales copy adds to The Library to extend your reach

and trigger you into Million Dollar Sales and Income Portals.

Final Precursor Phase to Full Retail

Once your Teams completed the
Full sequence of your Hot Zone Selling Copy online
Your Portal will be numbered into the
Retail Roster and mastered in
For Full Retail Distribution.

You will then be submitted into the Main Production Server,
that will be the Master Data Center for all New
Home Income Subscriptions.

It is from your Home Income Portal
that will trigger the Hot Zone Copy for all new
Owner Subscriptions that are developed through
Retail Sales.

It is these Retail Subscriptions
that will deliver every Home Income Portal
Owner to their Fullest Potential.

We are Now moving our Corporate Strategy
into the full gear.

So, imagine 106 Websites that are Organically growing both in
Search Engine index inclusions and Rankings, while backlinks are
developed by your Submission Group 24/7, 365 Days a year.

Every One of Your 106 Websites are dynamically controlled
on 12 Hot Zones to display 1000 unique selling copy to generate
over 120 Streams of income across the Internet.

This is your Business, so You are selling Directly
to your Customers, and a solid Marketing Team creating the
copy for you dynamically to achieve these sales for you.

Its a no Brainer, you now have the Most Powerful Marketing
Infrastructure that will grow and build your income
for a very long time.

Its not a Magic Bullet, and the results are built on real time,
working with pure dedication for your continued success.

We will now use each of these 12 Hot Zones to place 1,000 independent
sales copy rotating 24/7 to actively promote your sales
for each of the 106 Monetized Websites.

Every day, new trance inducing sales copy will be added to
each of the 12 Hot Zones, creating for you infinite selling
copy that will rotate forever to build and explode your sales

This dynamic action will singularly place your Website Income Portals
into full time competition to trigger Multiple Streams Of Income.

These 12 Hot Zones on everyone of your
106 websites are dynamic selling areas designed as
Content Management Systems to generate
multiple explosive income streams for you.

Now, you are in the Perfect Position to
start experiencing multiple streams of income
being dynamically generated for you directly
from The Marketing Strategy Team.

This is a stable and profitable
online business, and structured for you
to be the Dynamic base, once it is taken on the Road
and go Retail.

The CDs are now being mastered,
with Your Portals as the base Franchise Infrastructure
For all New Subscribers coming on board from Walk In Traffic

This is the moment, this is the time
and we are on the move to
develop all your streams of income.

Let me explain,

Your Static Websites are now dynamic ever changing
selling areas for all your products and services.

These sales areas will now directly present all your
products and services into a multidemensional framework
to build your income for a very long time.

We are the only company that is really on your side,
and competing in real time to make
sure that you achieve online financial success.

You now have a Full Time Marketing Team responsible
for marketing your product and services in real time.
With these ultra dynamic websites, the marketing
strategy team is responsible to develop
mindblowing copy to achieve extraordinary sales.

Once we get this all settled in,
we will open our first retail outlet,
where walk in traffic will be
subscribing home income portals from you.

This will be the model that we will use
in every community along with a data center
in a community near you.

This is the final phase to
our full launch.

Price Changes

We are also changing the subscription
prices on all pages - to include both
setups and higher subscription prices for
all new Home Income Portal

Expanding Your Reach across the Internet.

We are now preparing the way to place your
106 Monetized Websites at the very Top Of the
Sales Curve.

Since ClickBank is now a Well Known Major
Millionaire Maker on the Internet, we are Deploying
all 100,000 Of ClickBank Products updated
daily to build your income.

You can NOW own your very own clickbank Mall
and earn 100% of all the commissions paid
directly to you.

We will be creating Portal Access to your Mall
from all of your 106 Monetized Passive Income Websites.
This will give you the widest possible product reach across the internet,
and will be a major factor in building your income and developing
your Million Dollar Bank Account.

Please Follow these instructions carefully.

Go Here

to create your clickbank Mall.

Validate your email, and complete the Form to
create your Private Mall.


For the Mall userid - Please Use your OWNER ID

Userid : rowcoo829

You can use any password, but it is
critical that you use your Owner Userid

Userid : rowcoo829

For Your Private Mall.

Once you create it, we will then link your
Home Income Portal to it,
and submit a Ticket to
get the work started on getting it Visible.

From this moment on, you are personally
selling every Product that is in The Click Bank Database
to build your Million Dollar Income.

Yep, this will drive your income into
an explosive frenzy. Its just a matter of
getting you visible in front
of a Billion People Worldwide that uses the
internet to shop.

Exploding Multiple Streams Of Income Simultaneously

Please login to the Members Area of all your
Affiliate Areas and check your Income. We have
Dramatic Reports that every 106 Websites are
driving simultaneous income from every direction.

We have exciting reports from Owners that
every income source that are embeddedv on all
Monetized Passive Income Websites are firing on all
levels and delivering income rapidly.

This is going to happen spontaneously
as organic traffic discovers your 106
Passive Websites - buying directly from YOU.

Finally, we are now moving all
Home Income Portals to the next Level,
as we lay down the retail infrastructure
to go Retail in every Community

As we build the Home Income Portal
through Free Classess in our Retail Outlets, there is
only 1 Way they can Subscribe - From Your Home Income Portal.

This will build your Income Rapidly.

Your Home Page is now Fully Designed to
explode your Income

The Home Income Portal Passive Income Websites are
now Sitemapped and over 90% in now indexed at the
Search Engines.

Each Of your 106 Passive Income Website Install
is Now rebuilt to a Full Blown
Multiple Streams Of Income firing across the Internet
to build your Income Passively as a Very Long Term and
Stable Source Of Income.

You will now Have 106 online Business Websites
building you full multiple
streams of Income Full Time from

Your Own Product and Services

Traffic Magnet
Banner Fiesta

Electronic Products

Referral Income from

Google Adsense

Affiliate Income from

Commission Junction

Recurring Income from

Traffic Swarm
Group Mailer

You will have all 106 Storefront
exploding your income and developing all
multiple streams interactively.

Price Changes

We now have a Long Waiting List,
and Price Changes are going into effect.
If your subscription is not
current, then all new Subscriptions will
have to PAY a Setup Cost of 225.00
and the Monthly Subscription will be increased
to 120.00 per month.

It is much too expensive to subsidize the
building and reinstalling of all 106 Websites, therefore
any reinstall for New Subscription
will cost 995.00 for the reinstall.

Current Subscribers.
If your Subscription is current,
we will honour all the work we are doing for you
and continue with all services within the
locked in subscription price.

We are now working to get your
Portals Ranked, and attracting Organic Traffic.

Home Income Portal Optimization

Your Home Page

is now optimized with real time Multiple
Streams of Income and Unique Rotating RSS Feeds.


Click Bank Video Informercials to dramatically
improve your conversion rate.

There are 18 Video
Informercials to build your Click Bank Sales
and we embed clickbank Textads to deliver the full
clickbank database on your Home Page.

Pogads are now embedded with full
click Revenue Streams all preconfigured for you.
Pogads will pay you directly.

106 Passive Website Reinstallations

We are Now reinstalling all 106 Passive Income
Websites for you, and it now includes all income streams
developed to drive Multiple Income Streams directly
to build Your Income Daily.

During this reinstall, we are building
your Search Engine Sitemaps,
and directly submitting each of them to
over 978,000 Directories online.

Although this will take time to go into effect,
it is a permanent infrastructure that will
attract ORGANIC Traffic and build your income Passively.

Its not a matter of IF, but WHEN and it
will deliver you income without fail. Your online business
does not depend on Sales from 1 Website,
but 106 Fully developed
and Promoted Websites all across the Internet.

This Full online business support
is now Formerly closed. All
new subscribers will have to pay the Normal
setup cost and the higher subscription price.

Only You are LOCKED IN to
this very low and subsidised subscription

It is our experience that - Once you become fully visible,
You actually get back your entire subscriptions
within the First Month.

This is FOR YOU, to help
you achieve an online business that will
provide a long term income.

You are at the very top of the NEXT WAVE. Within the next 12 months
everyone in the World will be earning an income from the internet.

This is the same as the ebay wave, the banking wave,
Now its the INCOME WAVE, and you are in front
of 1-2 Billion People that will login to build their income from home.

Our Plans are set, and now its a matter of Timely
Strategy to deploy a Massive Buildup of Home Income Builders
all from Your Home Income Portal.

This is not about a money system, but like Amazon 15 years ago,
they too invested for years to be the Financial
Juggernauth that they are.

Google took 20 years to be a Force, in spite of Yahoo,
and like them- You will be the genius once we explode your
Home Income Portal for you,in every community WORLDWIDE.

Its not a matter of belief or Hype, it is
the Strategic Vision that is becoming a Reality
day by day.

Together, you will join the Ranks of Internet
self made entrepeneurs. Lets enjoy
this time of building and growing.

POG ADS Installation

If you have never made an income online
The POG ADS income stream will do it for you.

Please login to The Owners Lounge Immediately
and setup your POG ADS ID
in the Quick Start Menu.

We are currently Deploying Network wide
over 25 Million Sites with POG ADS to
quickly achieve an income stream for You.

You can also do it

Do Not Put This off. Your Income depend on it.

You NEED to be in this Reinstall Networkwide.

We are also closing off the 106 Passive Income Websites.
We will require setup cost, reinstall costs
and higher subscription prices
for all New Subscribers.

Make sure your Subscription is
Paid Up.

ClickBank Adsense Type Ads

Clickbank Adsense Type Text Ads
are now being installed on your Home Page,
and will also be installed on all of your
106 Passive Income Websites.

This will dramatically improve Your
clickbank sales as you join the Billion Dollar
clickbank Sales Generation System.

We will also be installing rotating
Full Video Infomercials on
all your Home Income Portal Websites,
including your 106 Passive Income Portals.

These are clickbank Infomercials
and geared to driving your clickbank sales
into the hydrosphere.

Traffic Swarm

We are also installing Traffic Swarm referral
Banners on all 106 Passive Income Websites.
Please be sure to login
to your Traffic Swarm members area
and check for income.

You MUST request your income directly
from Traffic Swarm.


We are also implementing Pageswirl Revenue Stream
to all 106 Passive Income Websites.
You must login to your
Pageswirl Members area to request your income.


Webdawg is also deployed on all your
106 Passive Income Websites. This will
drive your recurring income buildup
building your income from home.


Amazon banner Sales are being constructed
on all 106 of your Passive Income Websites.
Please review your income in the Members Area.

The Mega, Mega Campaign

We are in the final stages as your Strategic Team
is launching a Mega Blitz Campaign, to backlink each of

your 106 Passive Income Websites to over 1 Million
Websites Worldwide.

Simultaneously, they are submitting each of

them to The Major Worldwide Search Engines to
drive steady long term organic traffic directly
to build your sales and your income.

Price Increases are NOW going into effect,
and all new subscribers will have to pay the
new subscription
prices and the setup cost.
ClickBank Adsense Type Ads

Clickbank Adsense Type Text Ads
are now being installed on your Home Page,
and will also be installed on all of your
106 Passive Income Websites.

This will dramatically improve Your
clickbank sales as you join the Billion Dollar
clickbank Sales Generation System.

We will also be installing rotating
Full Video Infomercials on
all your Home Income Portal Websites,
including your 106 Passive Income Portals.

These are clickbank Infomercials
and geared to driving your clickbank sales
into the hydrosphere.

Traffic Swarm

We are also installing Traffic Swarm referral
Banners on all 106 Passive Income Websites.
Please be sure to login
to your Traffic Swarm members area
and check for income.

You MUST request your income directly
from Traffic Swarm.


We are also implementing Pageswirl Revenue Stream
to all 106 Passive Income Websites.
You must login to your
Pageswirl Members area to request your income.


Webdawg is also deployed on all your
106 Passive Income Websites. This will
drive your recurring income buildup
building your income from home.


Amazon banner Sales are being constructed
on all 106 of your Passive Income Websites.
Please review your income in the Members Area.

The Mega, Mega Campaign

We are in the final stages as your Strategic Team
is launching a Mega Blitz Campaign, to backlink each of
your 106 Passive Income Websites to over 1 Million
Websites Worldwide.

Simultaneously, they are submitting each of
them to The Major Worldwide Search Engines to
drive steady long term organic traffic directly
to build your sales and your income.

Price Increases are NOW going into effect,
and all new subscribers will have to pay the
new subscription
prices and the setup cost.

The only window for existing owners
can subscribe here

Webvert Ads added to your
Passive Income Websites.

We have now completed our Beta Testing of
the Bidverts Text ads, and is moving to
reinstall all 106 Passive Income
Websites For You.

This is an expensive and Time Consuming
Endeavour, therefore we ask that you
update your profile in the Owners Lounge
with your PID Number

Once you miss the reinstall, you
will have to wait for the next round of
reinstall of your 106 Passive Income Websites.

You can login to the owners lounge and
use the Quick Start Area to
both signup with Bidvert, and update
your profile with your
Publisher Id

You will also Earn Income both from
Advertisers Referrals and Publishers Referrals,
while we interface your Publisher Id with Webvert
to your Passive Income Websites for Click Income.


You can use this Link to signup

as a Publisher .

or an Advertiser

Please Note :

We are also scripting our very own Webvert/Adsense
Style Website, so the entire service will be our very own
online service that pays you directly
by Advertisers.

This is very exciting, and it will add tremendous income
to your passive income streams as we grow your income.

We will also be introducing the
Viral Inviter on all your
Passive Income Websites to use
the same technology that Facebook and Myspace
uses to achieve dramatic viral impact.

At this moment, we are reinstalling all your
Passive Income Websites, to create the

Bidvert Interface For You.

Your Home Page is now being worked on
to optimize it for sitemapping and indexing
to achieve a higher level of visibility

We have now closed the Passive Income Network to
dedicate all strategy teams to work on all chronic portals
and get them alive.

We are now in the Stage, where Price Increases
will go into effect and complete
our Retail Strategy.

It is NOW - so, hang in there
as we develop your Passive Income Websites into
a Raging Income Tornado.

Critical Adsense Empire Notice

The Final Adsense Empire Install have begun
Our Network is completely Filled Up

This Install is extremely Expensive, and it cost us
Directly Out Of Pocket
225.00 for Each Website Installed.

We are now negotiating with several Similiar
Adsense Like Networks to add their
systems to our network, with the basis that you
are paid Top Dollar Income.

Please stay tuned, as our Negotiating Team
with our research dept. review their

There will be no adverse effect to your
income as Google Changes their Business Model
with their upcoming Venture with Yahoo.

Yahoo declined MSN offer for purchase
and decided to partner with google in
restructuring their Adsense Program.

We are therefore responding to the
fast changing events, and is on top
of it for you.

Your 106 Adsense Powered Monetized Websites

We are now Moving To The Final Phase Of Your
106 Adsense Powered Monetized Websites.

In this Final Phase, we will be implementing
Multiple Income Streams including Traffic Magnet
and Banner Fiesta.

This will Finally Provide You with a Permanent
Source of Long term income triggered from
all over The World as they are dynamically deployed
from 106 Domains.

Your Worldwide Monetized Websites will simply grow stronger
in deploying income to you from all parts of the World,
due to the Dynamic Content Source included with a

Static Content Source and embedded with daily RSS Feeds to
attract both High Ranking and Visibility.

Your 106 Monetized Websites is a Real Business and
NOT a Money System. It requires visibility and High Rankings
in Search Engines nd Directories.

To accomplish this, we are manually creating
Sitemaps and Submitting Them to All Search Engines
and Directories For You.

Therefore, Your Entire 106 Monetized Websites
are selling For You 24/7, 365 days a year
and is a True Passive Income Generator.

This is not a Magic Bullet, it requires indexing,
and as your Rankings Grow, your
Visibility will grow and build Sales and
Income For You.

We are the only Company,that provides you
with such an extensive Monetized Infrastructure
that is a Fully Automated Sales Magnet
to generate Income Passively For You, paid directly
by your Customers To You.

To reinstall 1 website for you, it cost us 225.00, therefore the

financial committment to your online business is substantial.

We are very committed to your online success,
and it is our Number 1 Priority.

This is the Only online business that places your online
business success as our Number 1 Priority,
and back that up with both financial committment to you
and resources to make it happen.

This is your Business, and we do not participate

in any of it. It is all yours 100 % paid
directly to YOU from your

Here is the current list of Installs for YOUR
Monetized Website online Business.

This is THE FINAL PHASE, after this- all setup cost
be applied to all new Owners.

Your Passive Automated Sales/Income Generator is
Now Deployed to provide You With A Permanent Base Of Income.

All Teams and Staff is concentrating on your
Worldwide Adsense Empire Install.

We are also going to do the following to
make sure you are financially successful
in your online business.

Install Google Sitemaps to all 106 Global
Adsense Empire Websites.

Submit Every one of your 106 Adsense Websites to all
major Search Engines. This will develop both your
visibility and rankings as we crosslink your websites
to major authority sites internetwide.

This market Infrastructure
will develop your entire Market Profile to build
and develop your overall visibility.

See below to review your Monetized Google Adsense Empire
as they are installed. These are FULL Monetised Websites,
that will develop long term Passive Income.

Teams are now Removing The Global Adsense Empire Installations
due to Failed Subscriptions and cancelled Subscriptions.
to concentrate only on Franchise Owners with
Current Active Subscriptions.

We urge all Owners to get their Subscription Active
before The Teams deactivate The Global Adsense Empire.

You can get it Active here ...

Once they are removed, owners will have to pay
the current prices and the setup cost.

Dear Doug,

It is amazing, your Adsense websites
that you installed for me on all those domains
are showing up big time.

I am getting impressions, clicks
and income from everywhere. It has gone crazy.

My clickbank sales were great, but now it simply
gone bonkers. Amazon sales were dead, but its now
picking up.

Thinking that these websites will simply
grow and build my income
from all over the world just give me goosebumps.

It took patience and persistence,
but finally getting over the top
and I will be there for all new subscriptions
from my portal when this goes retail,
I cannot wait.

You took me from huge debts, and it was confusing
at first, but its so HUGE
I am glad I stuck it out.

Camilla Brown

Urgent Action Required

We are now Installing your Worldwide Adsense Empire
that includes both Clickbank and Amazon systems
to deliver long term passive income to you.

There are 4 Powerful Income Streams that are bundled into a powerful
income producing Monetized Website. Then we had to make
very sure that you will develop a subsctantial income
day after day, so we magnify your results
by developing 106 Monetized Websites on 106 Domains.

This is crazy, because any one of these Websites
will cost you over 2,100 each on ebay, yet we have bundled and installed
106 Monetized Websites on 106 Unique Domains For you.

Right Now, we are Building Your Google Sitemaps, and building your
backlinks to achieve full Google Rankings and Visibility
For Your Monetized Websites.

Think About It, We are the only Company
on your Side, and with Google Adsense as your
Base Infrastructure,Your Monetized Website will be

earning you Maximized Income for a Very Long Time to Come.

Since we have started Installing Your Monetized Websites
and Building Your Google Sitemap to achieve visibilty for your
websites, there is a small window of opportunity
to get aboard by activating your subscription.

Once we complete the Installation Process,
The Full Network is CLOSED and dedicated to earning Income For You FULL TIME.

We then Move to the Retail Phase ...
and All Active Franchise Owners will be
the base Franchises to grow
The Home Income Portal, Community by Community ..

Then we put the following fully in place,
remove all inactive subscriptions and go full time
building new Home Income Portal
Owners through your Active Portal.

It will Simply Explode your online business..

The Adsense Powered Website Income Hunters
will have to pay the


NO EXCEPTIONS. So Final Warning


Owner Subscription Link

All 106 Adsense Monetized Websites are Static Pages
with Your Unique Paycode embedded manually
FROM Your Profile.

This makes Each Website your
Personal, Automated Money Machine.

Since each is Fully Powered by 3 Levels of
Dynamic Content, It is completely automated
to achieve visibility all on its own.

This technology provides you with the Ultimate
Search Engine Powered, close looped Passive Income
Generator on the Internet.

It was designed to START generating Income to YOU
all on its own, and it will do this SPONTANEOUSLY.
Your 106 Monetized Website is constantly correcting
its SEO Optimization, until it becomes VISIBLE and generating INCOME

Action required

Login to your Adsense Account and check for Impressions.

If you do not see impressions,

Surf to your ADSENSE POWERED WEbsite,

Check for Impressions again.

Impressions Must show up, or
your pub number is not updated, or your ADSTYLE is
not setup.

Check your Profile Pub Number in your Owners Lounge
Check that you have all 3 Adstyle setup in your
Adsense Account.

If your Ads Style are deleted, set it up again.

Surf over to your Monetized Passive Income Website,
this will instantly Activate your Adstyle.


Now, your Monetized Website is Fully Operational
to seek out searches and build your passive income.

100 Million Buyers searching on the Internet Daily,
It is now a matter of getting them to your Monetized Passive Income

And Your Income EXPLODES.

Hunting Income For YOU. PERIOD!!!.

It is the Most Powerful, Technologically LIVE
Income Hunting BOTS, seeking out income for you.

The Google Adsense Empire is the most powerful
passive income generator that is delivering incime
to households all over the world.

We design, build, and host LIVE The Google
Monetized Website so you can take advantage of
The Most Powerful Passive Income delivery program
in the wotld.

This is the Last Time you can take Advantage
of having 106 Monetized Google Websites hosted
LIVE 24/7 365 days a year, delivering
passive income TO YOU directly.

Yes, Every Monetized Website delivers
this Passive Income Directly to you.
Every penny is yours.

... Television Advertising

We are in the process of completing
the air time schedule for Television advertising
that will directly build sales and income to every
single Franchise Owner on real time.

We will be investing 1.3 Million Dollars in
Television Advertising, and every
new subscription will be building your Monthly
subscription income.

In other words, they can only subscribe through YOU.
You are the Franchise Owner Infrastructure base to
build the next wave of Home Income Portal Subscriptions.

It will be from a url like this ...

Once we go retail, every community that will subscribe
through the Home Income System will
come through you.

We will follow the AOL success Formula.
We will have a CD in every Free Community Newspaper

They can visit the retail outlet in person,
attend free marketing classess, or use the CD to Subscribe.

The CD or online base signup,
will be doing this from Your Portal.
This is the reason for

our building your infrastructure.

Once we launch the retail phase,
It will be done through Newspaper ads and
radip spots to invite the community to
Free Marketing classess.

All attendees that decide to subscribe
will be doing so from your Portal.

We are assembling 1,000 Workshop teams
to deliver these workshops at
computer shows, fairs and lectures.

You will be in the proper place
to participate in this phase as the
Super Infrastructure for The Home
Income Portal.

Yep, you will be very BIG, because
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Price increase (see below) will be
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The Server For Customer Service


Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon
was pounded into the ground with
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a minute damaging the filesystem

We are currently rebuilding The Server from The
Ground Up, and like all internet servers
They can be sensitive to overloads

Even Microsoft and AOL goes down
for maintenance, but the best news for
all Owners is This..

All of the other 62 Servers on the network
were up and selling from your Satellite Portals
including your Adsense Empire, and only
1 Server is affected.

Therefore the server is pulled from
service for maintenance.
It will take a day or 2 to come up to full power.

We have optimized your Adsense Empire Globally,
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The autobots are now deployed, and they are grabbing
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Also, some have more modest results,
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Check your Satellite portals,

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Please check your Adsense Account, look for
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This is a Permanent and Passive Structure, to
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Since the Adsense Powered Websites are
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Owner Subscription Link

After The Spots are filled,
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The New Network that we will have to

Acquire for the next group will cost

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and $199.00 Monthly Subscription.
and that is a bargain

Exploding Your World Wide Satellite Portal
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To compete for You on a Worldwide Basis, and
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We have constructed State Of The Art RSS,
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With 100 Million Buyers daily on the internet, we have built for
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Each of your Satellite Portals now have 5 levels
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PHASE II - Direct Private Dynamic Content Pool, drawing
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PHASE V - Google Sitemaps. Everyone of Your 106 Portals is sitemapped
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It is getting exciting, and this new reimplementation
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There is only a few hundreds, less than 1% that is chronic,
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From Caroline ...

Dear Doug,

I was giving up as a chronic portal, but
there was something about what my team is doing
that kept me going.

I have tried everything, and all
it cost me was lots of money trying
everything out there.

All they did was lose money for me,
and I was all alone. I hoped that my
team will actually help me succeed, otherwise
why are they spending so much money.

Just hosting my own website cost me
more than my subscription, and the website maker
charged me over 400.00 to make a website.

So, this portal was actually my best hope
to have a successful business online,
so I kept going with
my portal.

Then , this new idea of having adsense income,
Well I was hoping it will do something for me.

Then two month ago, I started seeing a dollar in
my adsense account, some days .17 cents, and
after a month of this - it was like a miracle.

Sales started coming in from other areas like
pageswirl and amazon. Then my Adsense account
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Then everywhere, I was getting sales,
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Thank You, I now jumped from no sales,
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Thank You, I can breath again, and I thank you
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with all that hard work you are doing
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--- Caroline Agar

Your content community can be seen here,
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As the Home Income Portal retail outlets open,
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Your Home Page

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The Global Stratagy Team

on line Business Building Division
8721 Santa Monica Boulevard, #1102
Los Angeles CA 90069-4507 USA

Jack Da Bear said...

30 November 2008


It has been 3 weeks after my last post here.

The guys at HIP did do something.

They used a piece of software to increase the number of Google found sites from 40 to 1730.

Or maybe Google found these pages by themselves ????

The first real change to be measured in 5 years.

HiP Techs alsoo disabled the blog link in the template index page.
So I could not just click on it and post to this blog.

And the links that are expected to be existing to take viewers to purchase pages for Traffic Magnet - spin visitors off to yet another portal owner's template index page.

The link on my index page for sales that might come to me is directed to:

Click Bank showed NO sales for any week - ever.

Amazon showed NO sales for any time period - other than the purchases that I have made myself for last Christmas and now this Christmas.

The folks at Bidvertiser have sent me email messages every month - asking me what is wrong that I have not placed ads with affiliate string id on my home page - Now since June or July.
So 5 months of inquiries from them to me as to why I have become an affiliate and am not advertising for them.

The Horoscope links take you to a "not available page error" and the bottom link takes you to yet another portal owner's website - to buy the products that the visitor may buy from someone else other than myself.

And ...

As it is so that I do not have any control over what these guys are doing ...

I really feel more than kind a screwed.

All the huffing and puffing going on about what is going to happen ...

And what really exists - is long on promise and has delivered Nothing - not the first dollar ever for any purchase from anyone.

This is not a joke.

How is it than anyone can take these guys serious?

I have told them for over 5 years that their website is fruitless for me. ... And they just keep on taking my money ...

Making more promises of the future.

I would have done better paying the money toward my winter time heat bill or for food.

This site has yet to ever measure up to it's claims of e-glory.

So -
Am I a fool to keep on expecting'
HIP to clean up their act and
get it right one day?

Is their "team" that of 1 person who can not manage it all and is inept by the shear volume of work that is involved?

What can new comers really expect from this managment team?

Are they expecting to sell more ineptness at $1,000 setup fee and $225 a month hosting & bandwidth charges?

They even claimed in Pre-Christmass of 2006 to expect million dollar sales seasons ...
Without their even having made it possible for the first sale for my site.

My view is that they can NOT do what they claim - .

And they continue to prove they can not ... as the years have passed by.

Is there anyone else who will voice an experience?

All the positive ones - can not be verified - as they are simply words on a screen than may or may not be real.

No one else has the guts to tell it - - - eh?

Is this whole thing a scheme to put as much money as possible into
reyestam corporate pockets ????

Leaving us hanging out in the wind to sink or cling on for dear life ???? >>>


copy and paste the whole URL into your brower to see what I am speaking about.

Or look close at your own pages ...

1 thing for sure and
2 things acertain ...

I am not making any of this up.

Yet other bloggers say --
"It will change your life forever."

It is NOT managed with structure.

Rowan Cook

Rowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silverlady63 said...

Hi Rowan
Well you are not alone I too have belong to Home Income Portal a long time and have not gotten one sale and I advertise all the time all my urls,all the click bank products I am not getting any imprestions except for when I get on the page myself I dont understand either.I started with them in 2002 before it was called HIP I paid 36.00 a month but had to stop as I could not aford it,I was still an affiliate, then it came to me as HIP and if I hurried I could get it for 48.00 a month,so I did and that I think is about 4 years now,Also I got my son in and he is paying 60.00 a month and he is'nt getting imprestions either. I too am getting the same emails from them as you are. But I have paid to much and stayed to long to quit now.I had my son sign up on my HIP page thinking I would get 12.00 a month from his subscription but I dont.I wish I could find some proof that this will be a life saver.
Patricia D

Rowan Cook said...

Hello to everyone,

This is Rowan Cook
writing to share a thought or two.

I deal with physical things.
I deal with people and expectations - both real things.

I also deal with people who imagine that somehow I have superhuman abilities to do more than what is humanly possible - every day.
My real handicap is that I am exceptionally great at what I do ... And I care about the end of the story.

For over 20 years - Now, I have owned and operated Southern WV's only independent European Imported Car Service and Repair ... and have managed to do all of the work required in that business - by myself - as a master technician - taking on the public and the abusive things they inflict on their own automobiles.

When I first saw

I thought - wow!
Perhaps something that actually would help me to reduce the physical amount of work that I do every day.

Something that would empower me to retire - as I now have crossed to bridge to 50 headed to 60.

I read every message.
I hung on every word.
I expected great things.

I also expected the folks at to mean what they say - when - they say that they will handle it all - tha evey portal "renter/owner" will have to do nothing - in order for their portal to produce.

I have kept and stored every message that they have ever sent out to me.

Well, for those folks who do not know me - I want you to grasp that I interface with every phone call. I perform the real tasks of effectively analyzing the conditons that are both right and wrong with the vehicles - equipment - machinery that is brought to me. I handle the relationships, the parts ordering, the labor to install, the billing the accounting of the moneys collected, the State Sales taxes, the local Township B&O taxes, and all the glad handing that goes on - in doing tha business.

And the best that happens ... is more of it.

So when I look at HIP with a measure of near dispair ...

It is more of the deepest desire for my life to change - to a money flow - where I can actually take time to live ... instead of work my life away - yet another day.


In an effort to cleanup my own website ...

And I do also manage to keep up several - advertising what I really do - as HIP website does not do anything for me or my family at all ...

I wonder how HIP could simplify?

The website index page where I advertise most is:

Where I clearly state my purpose and what I do.

And how it is that people can find me - really clear driving directions.

I do not believe that viewers of the hip/index/template pages read all the mess that hip publishes as content.

I do not believe that ...
in the vien of attraction marketing ... that this kind of webpage really attracts buyers.

I believe that visitors will leave the HIP websites - just as confused as they came.

There is no clear defined purpose to it all ...
And I wish trully that I had never started.

A good heater in my shop - would have prevented my water lines from having Burst Wednesday night - Running all night - Freezing up the front door - runing out into the parking lot - across the 2 lane highway - causing the Police to call - Thursday morning, the Water Company to send down an agent, and the Dept of Highways to send a truck to scrape the ice flow off the road.

The moneys I have paid in hosting - if appied to a quality shop heater - would have changed things for me, my family and how my winter time customers relate to me as a business and business owner/ service provider.

Not having heat - where they can sit and gossip - while they are being serviced ... says alot...
or at least - sets an unhappy - memory in their minds - about "how they were mis-treated" ...

As I see my busiess as a hospital
I see my abilities as a doctor.

I only really wish to service the motorvehicle.

Every time I have to interface with "the owner" of the vehicle - I have to deal with another self centered person who really does act as if their vehicle - that they have not cared for ... is more important that the last 150 that I serviced last month.
And the 5 that are there before theirs now ...

The public does not see me as a human being.

They see me as a SOB.
They are angry and mad - because now something has happened - to force them to come to me a stranger - to receive the help they need.

In nearly - every instance - their kinds of problems are those of their own making ...

Yet, if they will get out of their own way ... and allow me to do what I do best ... and then simply pay me for services rendered ...

I will help them and be glad to do so.

If they distrust me and show me they want to punch me with a stick (rude - un civil attitudes and talk) to see how I will act ... They may hear me send them away to the dealer - where we know that they do not want to go.

It is brutal - what I do.
Having to put up with the public that will not appreciate how complicated today's motor vehicles are ...

And that I need from them - the owners - their respect and appreciation that I am able and will continue to be able to help them ... barring heart attack or stroke ... and dieing.

As long as they seem civil.

I can not and do not offer telephone gibber jabber estimates.

I will perform evaluation services based upon very expensive diagnostic tools.

And my health care services will extend the usualble service life on all new and newer motorvehicles 3 to 5 times what other health care providers tend to thing "normal wearout" is.

In other words ...
Helping my customers with a real expectation of 1 million miles plus

on their gas and diesel motorvehicles - operated in both the cold of Canada and the hot of Death Valley ...

is real.

Has been real for over 35 years - supported from our corporate headquarters in Superior Wisconsin.

Offering 2 million miles plus service life on heavy duty - over the road diesel rigs ...

With increased fuel mileage efficiency.

And proven durability to the point of never needing major overhauls or powerplant or transmission or final drive - rear wheel unit replacements in that 2 million miles plus of usage.

With the world's only 500,000 mile - guaranteed and insured service life transmission and final drive gear oils ...

We really do help our customers have a real - out of pocket - savings that can be measured

by what services they do not have to buy -

by the number of vehicles that they do not have to replace.

by the increased number of years that they can own and operate the vehicles that are numbered in their fleet.

by the amount of fuel yearly that they do not have to buy - to go the same total distances that they travel now.

by the zero number of overheated damages that do not exist in the life of their vehicles.

by the total amount of maintenance work that - now is not necessary - because of the total amount of research and development that has gone into 35 years of being the world's premier syntheitic lubricant manufacturer.

Rowan Cook
A Lifetime Dealer

The summer of 1988 >>>
Jerry Stone
The Service Manager at
Lewis Chevrolet / Mercedes

So said ... "We know how poor
in mind and spirit southern WV
really is ..."

"You can take minimum wage
and no promise of 40 hours a week.
or you can leave it."

"We really don't care how skilled you are." He said.

Today I understand that the motoring public is really that way. They themselves simply want you to get out of their way on their drive to where ever they are going ... and demand everything from you - ahead of whatever is right and decent - in order to help them through their problems.

A demanding set of souls ...
they are.

And in a way ...
I have grown to be like that
when I interface with other service providers ... But ...
More and more I realize -
IT really does not matter.

The things that matter most ...
Are not even being described in this post.

Our Blog -
Which you are invited to add your thoughts or comments.

Rowan Cook
304 683-5298

European Import said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
European Import said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rowan Cook said...

28 Feb 2009

I viewed the pages that again

You (HIP)pontificates on -

Saying that these are the latest
and greatest.
There are many links that are simply dead. With out any link to any page.

There are the continued activities of having the same content on all of the pages be available for every link -

that if all things were equal -

NO one cares about.
If the same content is available for all pages ... and it is the same for everyone - after the first click - and the second - no one will click the third. ...

They will simply believe that the authors are stupid.

Only robots will click the whole thing through.

You (HIP) continue to hide the fact
that Dave has his URLs rotating
in my pages.

Making excuse of "Quality Control" ... when the links are there by design and placed there by the human effort to write them - into all the pages.

... And likely on all the "other willing victim" - renters' pages.

(This is how - his personal pages -
Grow in ranking - by google)

But not ours ...

Ever so many views - his page links surface -

Someone who never views their pages would never know.

They would accept what you say
at face value.

Covered up secrets that exist ...
often exist underneath chocoalte icing.

Your scheme is FAKE -
Fake - Because it is not real.

The "Sales Resistant sites" that you refer to being resistant to sales ... are not resistant because of the owners ... or their lack of work.

They are resistant - to being sucessful because your business model sucks.
Even your latest message that tells that Bidvertiser is now operational ... while the image is pretty - there is nothing operational about having the pretty image there.

While you do have a list of willing victims ... who are paying you for the priveleage ...

And you are going to charge the new group of willing vicitms more money.

It does not change the fact that they are willing vicitms.

... With you (HIP) - dangling the carrot of internet success in front of them
to knaw at ...

as they struggle down their
road of living.

At least the willing victims who work at
Wal-mart know that they can never - ever
be any more than grunts - in a huge machine
that sells Chinese goods for the benefit
of the Walton family billionaires.

Working as hard as they can go ...
struggling to live - to go to their casket.

Oh well,
Who is next?

Let them live,
Spend their money foolishly,
and ...
die struggling - just to live.

Because we(HIP) are inept ...
And less than truthful ...

We will piss on them ...
With sweet smelling words ...
Tell them it is raining.

Make 'em feel good ...
As they produce nothing.

And as we (HIP)ourselves - struggle to become like the Waltons - using the grunts to make our millions.

And they (HIP)really infer ...

(If you have read their messages - as I have through the last 5 years of enothing communications)

That it has taken years to get to this point in time - of their achievement level of inemptness.

And that it will take more years as they simply - work to figure out what actually does work.
No matter if or not - that they have plans to go Global this year ... as they say - in this year's e-nothng email broadcast.

Obviously - what they have already done - does not work on any level for me or any of the others who have monthly rentals of their sites .

There is NO real training.
There is NO real communications with these people - as they really do not know what to do ... or what to say ... or how to train.

And all I do is continue to pay their bill.

Who would willingly continue to do this mess?

A fool ?
A dreamer - who has more money than the sense to learn to work for his food and shelter - in other ways?

I am neither a fool.
Nor have the money to throw into the air - hoping it turns into gold ...before it falls back to the earth

... but I nether like or want to be pissed on with empty words and glorious plans.

That is the job of the President.
Or the Anti-Christ.

Who cries out Peace, Peace, Peace.

If you are looking for a business model - do anything - start anywhere -but with a HomeIncomePortal website.

They(HIP) are NOT capable of producing the first dollar in revenue for this old member - with 2 accounts with them - nor the new willing victims who are getting in line to be suckered into giving up their money.

A hurricane of activities that only make more work - that only produces more work - that only produces more work - that only produces more work - round and round and round we go.

And you will pay dearly for the privalege ....

$1500 setup
$500 monthly for hosting.

Let's see - how many fresh fools we can find to fall for this scheme.

Which is exactly what the crux of promoting Home Income Portal has become - for their and our future ...

How Many fresh - willing victims do you know - that would give up $1500 for a website setup ...

and $6,000 a year for hosting ...

All with the knowledge that I have never seen the first customer from their efforts.

Never the first dollar paid to Clickbank, Paypal, AlertPay, SafePay or by check ...

Only the things that I bought from myself - to prove that the system might actually work to send me a check or payment.


How many willing - new victims do you think you could put into a meeting room - who would give up $7,500 ?????????????

For a promise of a rosy future ???

Who in their right mind - would even reply to such an email?

I look for these people to go belly up ...

And sooner than later.

They are NOT capable of doing that which they advertise on any of the 100 plus websites that I rent from them to advertise products for sale.

It is all a glorious e-scheme.

Rowan Cook

Rowan Cook said...

Hello again,

I want to further tell you the reader that:

If you actually go to your pages and click buy -

On any - link - "Subscribe"
Sure the CC bill link shows in the
url -

And off it goes to the rest of the page -

or any of the product images ...

is not my user id.
rowcoo829 is.

The people at hip are screwing us - by never really engineering the system so that we receive the benefit of their system.

My guess is the random.htm?fp9.htm
refers to a group of people that they have inputed their names or user ids in - so that all the sales go to their own self centered group.

Are you all so stupid that you do not see this?

Is there NOT something that you want to do about it - other than be f***ed by people who are blatantly not doing what they claim they are doing for you.

They are doing it to you and me.
Every moment of every day.

Claiming to be competing live - in a difficult enviroment.

Live - for themselves.

Exploiting the carrot
for their benefit -

Until they go belly-up
NOT able to ever do what they purport that they are doing.

But there will be suckers born every minute.

They probably will never stop having a list of willing victims.

They are NOT working for my or your families' benefit.

The proof is in what exists today -

On YOUR website.


You can't see it ??????????????????????.

There are reasons why they continue to do what they do.
IT is NOT for our benefit.

IT is for their own benefit - solely.

Or will you let them continue to do it to you - with a fresh spin on why - you have not made any money today - using their tools and techniques ...

Do NOT buy a honeimcomeportal.
Even at $48 a month -
IT is a continuing rip-off.

Let alone some $7500 a year for newcomers to become new willing victims.

Rowan Cook

European Import said...
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Lynnkit said...

I feel so bad for you Rowan. Your writing shows that you are aware that HIP is a scam and will never produce any thing, but your writings look like you are still paying them???? and for 5 yrs ?????? Why would you do that when you know it is a scam?? I don't get it? I was in HIP for several months , probably 8 or 9 but as soon as I began to realize that it was a scam I got out and quit paying. Please for your own good don't send them any more money.... that just doesn't make sense.

European Import said...
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Rowan Cook said...

Did anyone else get the message this morning?

$590 to setup a new portal.
$199 monthly hosting and bandwidth fees.
And they remain optimistic ... that the 2 web portals that they have established for my family will actually produce sales.

Another month has passed for us.
There is no more of anything ... except another $48 hosting bill - under the old plan.

Not clickbank, paypal, alertpay, ccbill, or google show anything other than the $.01 of a link that I clicked to verify that it would prove that it could work.

No traffic of any kind that may have shown up cares - what is on any of the 212 websites that rotate with different content every day.

I continue to prove that it does not matter what is on anyone's website - No one really wants to buy anything from it.

When I asked them to setup a script that actually would take people who were escaping - from yet another HIP sales page - to use the exit traffic to take the visitors to yet another site where they could be closed for a real sale.

I got a yes. But they did not click the link. They did not set it up so that there was any use of the visitors - who do not want to buy anything. They continue to hold tight - the ability to manage our rented webpages.

Yet if exitsplash was used ...
More direct contact could be managed.

For every visitor who comes ... they remain invisibile - unless they opt-in to a contact list to market directly to ... no different than Mike Filsaime does.

Just listen to them roar - so clamoring - expect an explosion of business.

They can not make it happen.
Even when a script is provided to capture the visitor's information and followup - with contact messages ...

God is laughing at them.
And I do too.

European Import said...
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European Import said...
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European Import said...
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European Import said...
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European Import said...
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European Import said...
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European Import said...
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European Import said...
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European Import said...
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R. said...

25th of April 2010.

The 20th of November - 1 day after my last post here ...

My shop burned to the ground.
I was feroiously burned.
and nearly died twice.

Once the day of the fire
Once during Christmas Week
from infections that made up over
half my body's blood volume.

I saw it after it was removed - before testing.
The fellow that responds from HIP placed my portals on a non paying basis - as I lost everything that I owned in that fire ...

As well as a fellow's 04 VW Diesel Beetle, The building that I ocupied, EPA EverGreen Cleanup Costs - from the fire departments sparying water on 2 55 gallons of burning oil - that could have burned until empty - but rather were forced into the parking lot, across the road and on into the water stream to go to the water shed project.

over $4,000 for the initial emergency room treatment - where they knocked me out, and said to my wife - you must - must fly him to the Western PA Burn and Tramau Center. -- We will not be responsible if he dies.

#23,000 for the 2 hour helicopter transport service, $14,000 for the night's stay at Western PA Burn Center. And another $14,000 for the 2nd hospital stay to rid up of infections.

Another $50,000 for the building that burned to the ground.

$105,000 Plus $$$$ indebtness overnight - within 24 hours.

What was left - after the fire -was put in a 25 gallon half barrel and covered with oil - to keep things from rusting ...

30 years of work, and tool collections condensed to half the height and width of an average size man.


Doesn't the HomeIncomePortal offer seem so enticing now ...
What would you have expected to happen in the 5 months since then?

I did receive the latest messages ... How new tools and techniques were going to be used.

But, I just clicked on the buy a portal link - and guess what - ??? the funds do not go to me or my family ... they go to the folks at HIP.

I guess I will hold off telling anything else - until the next anniversary of the fire - 20th Nov 2010.

But ... I am not expecting the first sale of anything ... even with the hosting costs being free ... nothing is being produced from this pair of website accounts with HIP.

Even with my updating the accounts with all they wish participation in.

Even with there being zero costs ... there has been no benefit to having a home income portal.

The full fire story is available at the website
Our Fire Loss

Any charitable donations would be greatly appreciated by sending anomoyous gifts to:

We need help in paying some if not all of these bills ... as the building we leased - was not insurable.

We lost it all - that day - Nov 20th 2009.

Rowan Cook
304 683-5298

European Import said...


This yeat ends tonight.
2010 has been the hardest year
for us so far -

The fire of Nov 20th, 2009 really caused us to loose everything.

I keep hoping that there is something - some program that legitamately would help us but there has been nothing that I have seen. It all amounts to give us your money - and give it a go.

With all the changes that HomeIncomePortal management has made this year, I might hope that there might come about a small check from sales that may happen one day - but there have been none for 2010.

The hosting and all their work has had zero cost to us - but there has been no sales of anything to anyone.

The 3 test purchases I did - mever showed up in my clickbank account.

I made 3 efforts to track 3 different purchases. Clickbank finally told me that they would cancel my account over buying and refunding such purchases.

From any of the readers who might frequent this site - has 2010 actually helped your family?

Has any portal owner had their income be zero this year and start to grow and has done all that HomeIncomePortal management says that portals will do ?

Is there anyone who will offer some positive support on what is working for them?

I also know that across the world, earthquake, war, famine and severe weather has affected many families. I almost expect it to be the normal thing to have a story of having internet "businesses" never make the first sale to anyone. More and more people are coming on line - but they all are looking for the magic bullet.

Myself, at this point, I would like to have some extra money to just be able to live on.

European Import said...

Tommorow 4 July 2011.

There has been no sales
from all the clamoring of
activities from HIP.

Today - the email messages are
more repetative than ever before.

There is the continued promise that
one day - now closer to weeks off into the future - not years, that the HIP sites will start producing.

I for one have listened enough to the lies.

I really do not care any more.
Every HIP portal is written and designed for the folks behind HIP to receive the benefits ...

I looked through nearly all of the satelitte pages - and found that the payees are my id on the first page. ... And Davele514 on all the others.

So - it is a scam - to deceive as many willing victims into advertising for the host corporation - so the host benefits.

It never was a real paying opp - for anyone.

Show me the money



No One needs to be hooked into being deceived by dealing with you ... no matter if the costs were totally free -

You would still lie about it all.

European Import said...

January 10th 2012

No sales.
No training.
No real contact with anyone.
80 messages from me to support
telling it all. With nothing
in the form of real support returning to me.

More of all the above messages
that HIP has sent out this last year.

Odd - Martha says in the top message in this blob ... " will change your life forever."

It certainly has -
I know better than to believe any email message about any scheme. They are really all saying - give us your money - ha, ha, ha ... ha.

Oops, you did not make any money?
sorry ... give us some more ... sucker.

And that is my view on every email message that comes by way of the inbox - every day.

Some new set of fools - see me as a willing sucker for their crap every day.

Delete them all.
Who needs them?

Do you?